Every year lakhs of people are involved in road accidents in India and a majority of them are 2-wheelers. Since India has nearly 47 lakh 2-wheeler motorists, it becomes all the more crucial for the users to insure their vehicles. Due to poor infrastructural quality of our roads and easy manoeuvrability, consumers prefer using 2-wheelers over fancy cars. But most of us are ignorant about the importance of 2-wheeler insurances. The word ‘insure’ can be conveniently interchanged with the word ‘security’. Danger doesn’t warn before approaching you. Hence, it is only wise to anticipate trouble and make sure you are well armed to face it. This is why we need 2-wheeler insurances. But what is 2 wheeler insurance?

A sizeable amount of your income has been invested in you prized possession- your bike! But just buying the vehicle from the showroom is not enough. You have to ensure that you don’t worry the next time you might have to park your bike in an isolated location, or if the bike has been damaged due to an accident or a natural calamity. This can be made possible only through 2-wheeler insurances. By regularly investing in these insurance policies you are making insuring that in the event of any unfortunate accident, you do not suffer any financial losses. These policies protect you against vehicle theft, sudden breakdown of the bike, damage due to road accidents and many more such unavoidable possibilities. Not just that, these policies also come in different packages making it easy and convenient for you to choose a policy that suits you. But with the mature evolution of 2-wheeler insurance industry, these policies have been made more accessible to the consumer.

You no longer have to stand in long queues, been pushed over by insurance agents, struggle to understand or blindly choose a policy based on others recommendations. Now all you need to do it open your computer and browse through the wide array of options available through the simple click of a button. So the process has only become simpler. You can also directly interact with agents online who will help you review all the options without imposing their choice of policy on you. buy online 2 wheeler insurance policies also come with added benefits.

When purchased online, these policies are issued to you immediately. There is no painful wait to see your policy materialise. You will have access to cashless claim servicing in a network of over 2,900 garages across the country. If you wish for, you can also cover your co-passenger under the policy.

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