Hi Darren,Thanks for the photos. I tuhgoht the utility bikes and trikes along with all their modifications were interesting. Of course, I liked the Lamborgini ice cream vendor bike (photo 43) which must have weighed a half a ton fully loaded.Even the Nazca mountain bike (photo 117) looked like a single speed with what appeared to be a double-decker extended stem on it.The cyclist from Argentina had a nicely equipped mountain bike (photo 63), and the interesting thing about that set-up was the road tires but the mountain bike tires strapped to the front rack. That setup seemed to me to be an excellent bike for cross-country touring. Do you recall whether he'd ridden all the way to Peru from Argentina? That would have been a couple thousand miles at least, hard miles possibly, the trip of a lifetime, but even in my younger days, I couldn't have seen sleeping on a mat that thin.Great pictures all the way around!Thanks!

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