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The peer-reviewing procedures for submitted articles is not yet in place. The Journal of Peruvian Studies in the "academia" section encourages contributions for every category of the journal -- not just the section for articles which are going on to be peer-reviewed and published.

  • records of primary research. Category:Peru-P
  • magazine and non-specialised. Category:Peru-N
  • working papers. Category:Peru-W
  • retrospectives. Category:Peru-R
  • biography and testimonio. Category:Peru-B
  • guides for tutors. Category:Peru-G
  • minkapedia. Category:Peru-M
  • courses and collections. Category:Peru-C
  • students section. Category:Peru-S
  • knowledge networks. Category:Peru-K

This system of categorisation may be applied for other countries and/or Latin America (LA) generally. For example: Category:Ecuador-W, Category:LA-B. The categories are not mutually exclusive.

The following categories are assigned only after the document has entered and/or completed the peer or book review process:

  • submitted for review. Category:Peru-Review
  • published articles. Category:Peru-Published
  • book resumes and reviews. Category:Peru-Books

For an index of articles click on OpentextJPSEdit

Pages in category "Journal of Peruvian Studies submitted article"

The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total.

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