Everybody's got persons in their life they've shouldered for years, although they're not certain why. University makes you understand that acquaintances can come and go, but it's a true buddy you can depend on in terrible times as well as good, who picks your phone up after a month of not meeting, and everything still remains the same. University is the ideal time to seek out 'your folks'. Weed out the true buddies from the acquaintances, and seek out new friends who can make your life well again, not taxing. Those are the persons to spend your valuable time with. The kids from school who're always a bully, attempting to bring you down, or you've been in touch with for the sake of it will turn into a distant memory, and your life will absolutely be richer.

So, it's high time to make some friends! It’s simple to make new friends when everyone dwells in the student housing. Each person will be worried, rejuvenated and ready to mingle at the very beginning of the year, so you better take an advantage of the warm mood and create some close attachments. jesmond student houses even encompass some international students, so it’s an added bonus if you desire to make friends from all around the world. You enjoy the ease of accommodation. Apart from having opportunities to make new friends, it can also be valuable while learning. Still up at 4 am and want to discuss about tomorrow’s assignments, take a peek across the house to find out who else has a light on! Need a laptop if yours isn't working? Post a note swiftly or ask if anyone can give it to you immediately.

And what about the fun times? Naps are totally everything. Four night-outs with a total of 6 hours of sleep equals the incapability to move for the next four days and nights. You learn your lesson, you can manage a hangover (and easily cope with getting drunk again) but without sleep? You're not going anywhere fast. Well, if it's a confirmed fact that young people need more sleep than elders, so next time somebody mocks you for not having hobbies, tell them you've got two, napping and watching movies. Cooking at the Jesmond student houses with buddies takes practice, but it's fun. Skin troubles and huge hangover, you know it's time to begin eating properly, that is, experimenting with the trickiest recipes in the dashing student cookbook your mum put in your suitcase even before you mastered toast and poached eggs.

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