The TopicEdit

The encyclopedia introduces the topic of dimension-ISM, previously known as dimensionAL-ism, with a view towards categorical and proto-mathematical (exclusive, measurable) concepts of the unification of all disciplines. By exclusive and measurable or categorical and proto-mathematical, what is meant is a coherent theory that addresses not only dynamic, but contingent, isomorphic, and applicational theories of each discipline. For example, the first volume of the encyclopedia is devoted to philosophy, and introduces the theory of categorical deduction, a method that applies to many disciplines of philosophy.

Published VolumesEdit

Coppedge, Nathan. The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit, or, The Essential Criticism, The Dimensional Encyclopedia First Volume, (2013).

Future Volumes of the Dimensional EncyclopediaEdit

The Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit (2014).

The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit (2015).

The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit (2016).

The Dimensional Artist's Toolkit (2017).

The Dimensional Critic's Toolkit: A Book of Quotations (2018).

The Dimensional Paralogist's Toolkit (2019).

The Dimensional Universalist's Toolkit (2020).

The Dimensional Mathematician's Toolkit (2021).

The Dimensional Historian's Toolkit (2022).

The Dimensional Politcian's Toolkit (2023).

The Dimensional Economist's Toolkit (2024).

The Dimensional Physics Toolkit (2025).

The Dimensional Poetics Toolkit (2026).

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