Peggy Massey Archive: Human Rights. Amnesty International.Edit

The scanned text has, so far, not been optically read (OCR) and therefore cannot be searched but keywords are given below.

19740216 Human rights Amnesty International sample rotated and cropped

Facsimile or scan of original article dated 16 February 1974. Original PDF. JPG File name 19740216_Human_rights_Amnesty_International_sample_rotated_and_cropped.jpg // Wiki file name (edit mode)

Language and key wordsEdit

Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5; Amnesty International; regardless; Woman's Journal; adopted prisoners; postcards demanding release; Duckworth and Co, London NW1, Report on Torture.

La declaración de derechos humanos, el Artículo 5; Amnistía Internacional; regardless // sin miras a; Woman's Journal; nuisance value // "aguijoneador" (see text); los socios Amnestía; adopted prisoners; postcards demanding release / tarjetas postales reclamando su libertad; Duckworth and Co, London NW1, Report on Torture

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