In today’s financial scenario, everybody plan their budget for each and every activity especially when it comes to health care.  An emergency or illness can occur anytime in a person’s life and it may be difficult for him to bear medical expenses if it crosses the budget.  So it is highly important to have a health insurance for each and every person to be protected from unexpected financial expenses. Health insurance plans from ICICI Lombard help you to handle such unfortunate events and safeguard you from unnecessary medical expenditures.

Prioritize your health with a safe insurance

Health insurance is very important these days which is a protection against the risk of complying with the medical expenses.  Health care is expensive nowadays due to the advancement in the field of medical science.  An insurer is normally developing a usual financial structure by estimating the general risk of expenses related to health care among members such as a payroll tax or monthly premium.  A monthly premium of the health care insurance ensures that a specific amount of money is available in order to pay for the benefits of health care mentioned in the insurance agreement. Icicilombard offers health care plans that protect you against all kinds of medical expenses.

Health Insurance Plans from Icici Lombard

•    Health Advantage Plus 

Apart from providing complete health care, this specially planned health insurance plan help you to get the maximum savings on tax.

•    Family Protect Premier

If you are looking for complete coverage for you and your family members, then family protect premier is the best option.

•    Critical care

This comprehensive benefit policy offers coverage worldwide.

•    Health Care Plus

This policy from ICICI Lombard provides individual coverage for each family member.

•    Personal Protect

It is a customized insurance policy that allows the customer to choose from different sums assured, say 3 lakhs, 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs etc. for coverage.

•    Complete Health Insurance

If you choose the complete health insurance policy, it covers both the insurer and his family. Another advantage of this policy is that there is no maximum age limit to obtain this policy.

If you have health insurance coverage, it protects you and your family against unexpected heavy medical emergencies. Depending on the available market value, you will get any support that you want for your health care.  There are many reputed private insurance companies in India such as Icicilombard that offer best health care plans.  Do some research and choose the best plan that suits your requirement.

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