With the steady increase in traffic, the statistics for accidents have also witnessed an upward graph. Negligent and rash driving is on the rise and your vehicle may be the unfortunate recipient of such a mishap and get damaged in the process. An insurance policy is an agreement between the insured and the insurer to tackle all costs incurred during an unexpected event. Therefore, a two wheeler insurance policy will help you take care of all your repair costs.

The law has made two wheeler insurance in India mandatory for all bike owners and it is essential for every bike being driven on the road to have two wheeler insurance. When selecting an insurance policy, it is essential to have a clear idea about its coverage so that you can secure a good policy with optimal coverage. For this, you need to get access to quotes and it is better to get quotes from reliable insurance companies as the claim policy is better. Once you have access to different quotes, comparing them will help you understand the coverage and claim policy so that future hassles can be avoided.

Typically, Third Party Liability cover is offered by every two wheeler insurance policy provider as it is the minimum requirement mandated by the law. This cover will take care of all legal liabilities due to an accident caused by your insured vehicle. Thus, if your insured motorbike is involved in an accident, all reimbursement for damage to property, death or permanent injury is settled by the insurance company and you need not worry about arranging for the funds.

Most comprehensive policies for two wheeler insurance India offer coverage for damage to your two-wheeler vehicle due to man-made and natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, accidental fires, landslides, etc. This means that you get optimal coverage for your motorbike during such mishaps without denting a hole in your pocket for repair costs.

Some two wheeler insurance policies offer cover to the driver-owner in case of injury due to an accident. Such a cover will further reduce the monetary burden of the driver-owner and will also aid him to avail of optimal health care for quick recovery. Certain insurance policies for two-wheeler vehicles allow policy customisation by which you can purchase add-on covers. These covers enhance the coverage offered by your standard motorbike policy and can come handy during any exigency.

Thus, giving careful thought to the coverage offered by your insurance policy will surely help you decide and select a good insurance cover for your motorbike for hassle-free commute.

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