As most of you may know, Mercedes is the German car manufacturer known for showcasing German efficiency at its finest. In the modern world, people usually need to move stuff


around, and when it comes to moving heavy loads then the best vehicle for the job is without a doubt, a 40-ton truck.

People do not think about trucks much, which is strange considering everything we consume, wear or plug into our walls was once entrusted to their care. Well, not to worry, because Mercedes has stepped up to the plate and come up with some revolutionary ways at making these platelets which carry nutrients through the arteries of America even better.

According to new technology 2014, the self-driving truck was unveiled at the 2014 International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA), where it showcased some of its high tech features, such as, radar sensors and special camera technology which has been built on a Highway Pilot system, similar to that of an aircraft’s autopilot.

Aptly named the Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2025, the best part about this new concept vehicle however is that it does not need to be a part of a platoon, nor will it have to be daisy chained to other vehicles of its kind as well, but the camera and radar technology which has been used will enable this “Truck of the future” to drive independently and autonomously. That being said, its ability to network with other trucks and even cars will enhance its abilities further, making it more reliable, efficient and accurate.

Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication Technology Edit

One of the big additions to the Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2025 has got to be the Vehicle to Vehicle communication technology, which allows the truck to stay connected with other trucks and cars. While the truck does not require the data to operate, it is useful for navigating and detecting vehicles in poorly lit environments. Mercedes is also working on a blind-spot assist feature which is something similar to what we find in passenger cars, only way cooler.

The only downside here is that truck drivers, who are hopeful of reading their favorite books while driving across country, will have to wait for a while, since the Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2025 is just a prototype for now. And while the autonomous side to the truck might cause some difficulties for highway and road regulations in certain states, Mercedes does have enough time on its hands to deal with the kinks before the Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2025 gets to hit the road.

Speaking of new  technology blog , Australia is already operating self driving trucks around the outback. Rio Tinto a mining company in Western Australia has purchased these automated trucks from the US company Komatsu, which are run on Cisco networking technology and are programmed to navigate through the dirt roads of the Pilbara mining region.

Ending Note Edit

This latest concept truck from Mercedes is nothing unusual, except for its design, and the fact that it is loaded with some of the best cutting edge technologies of our time, as in, cameras take the place of side mirrors, LED’s take the place of the usual headlights and radar sensors. All of which will be working together to shed the human element of truck driving. And with the idea that humans who drive less cause less accidents, this could just be the answer to truck crashes in America.

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