The UK company, Innpacked, well-known for their successful APLH course and assistance in personal and premises licenses is now offering online training programs.

Innpacked has been offering APLH courses for those seeking a Premises License. These courses are available in various locations throughout the UK, including London. Their training has helped create a 99.9% pass rate for the APLH exam. Innpacked is also known for having licensing professionals that have helped many customers successfully and easily obtain their personal and premises licenses.

When training for the APLH course, Innpacked not only offers training throughout the UK, but they also offer at-home training. For those who wish to obtain their personal licence, but are unable to attend the courses they can prepare in the comfort of their own home on their own time.

Now, Innpacked is not only offering APLH courses, but also offering over 28 online training courses in the e-learning academy. There are many benefits to the online training courses. They include learning on your own time, 24 hour instant access, and interactive technology.

Among the courses offered by Innpacked are the Award for Licensed Premises Staff (ALPS). This course helps you to understand the law in relation to refusing the sale of alcohol to underage customers or to those already intoxicated.

Innpacked also offers the Age Verification course. According to the Licensing Act of 2003, all premises licences must have a policy of age verification in place. The Award in Under Age Sales Prevention (AUASP) is also a new course offered by Innpacked.

Other courses include conflict management, customer service and Food Safety 2014. Innpacked’s Front of House Food Safety course will help any person working with food ensure that the food is safe for customers to eat. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) course will help you maintain a healthy and safe kitchen.

There are various courses in the online academy for customer service and food industries. These courses are beneficial to both individuals and companies. Innpacked also offers a 12 month access licence, learning progression tracking, training records, and online exams. For those looking for courses for employees or individuals looking to take more than one course, Innpacked also offers bulk discounts.

Although they are well-known for the APLH course, and their assistance in personal and premises licensing, Innpacked is a top training company in the UK. If you are a business owner, you might be interested in having your employees sign up for several courses to improve their skills and your business.

For more information on Innpacked, their online courses or the personal and premises licences, contact Innpacked today by visiting their website at To speak with a training professional, call 08000 786 056 today.

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