Computational Example Edit

Bounded Class Data Edit

IMG0881 101827437

Bounded Class Dimensions Edit

G = 28 - 28 elements - i = 0...G-1[1]

C = 10 - 10 characteristics or attributes - j = 0...C-1

V = 5 - 5 valued logic - l = 0...V-1

Order of Elements Edit

MG0885 158300375
MG0901 158300453

Count multisets Edit

IMG0685 102064562

IMG0635 102064609

Squared multiset Counts Edit

IMG0684 102064640

IMG0634 102064687

Squared Multiset Counts Summation Edit

IMG0683 102064750

IMG0636 102064796

Separatory Values Edit

IMG0682 102064843

IMG0183 102064890

max(T) = 309 = S8 = highest initial separatory value

notes Edit

  1. Note that Mathcad was used in producing this computational example and that the Mathcad ORIGIN function applies to all arrays such that if one array requires a zero origin in a formula using both arrays that the other arrays are required to use a zero origin.

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