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The lower part of this page contains an outline for peer review articles that are critiques of articles that have NOT been submitted to any specific wiki journal. If you peer-review an article that IS submitted to a specific wiki journal, you must perform your peer review according to the rules for that journal. In particular, you MUST use the outline for peer review articles that is required by that journal.

If you use the outline for peer review articles that is on this page (see below), you will keep the contents of your peer review article on a single page. You cannot alter the elements of this outline for peer review articles in an attempt to avoid the required aspects of wiki peer review. Use of this outline will remind you to include the required aspects of wiki peer review.

When you start your article, be sure that you use the correct title for your article and that the name of the wiki page for your article is the same as the title. (Repeating: the name of the wiki page for your review article must match the title of your article.) Create Links and Pages

Your title
You must have a title for your review article that includes three things:

  1. The title starts with "PR of:"; this means "peer review of".
  2. The second part of the title is the Short Title of the article you are reviewing.
  3. The last part of the title is "by <your wikicities user name>". In your title, replace <your wikicities user name> with your wikicities user name.

Example of a title: PR of Flexibility in wiki publishing by Owen Lloyd

Remember: all reviewers must associate their real name (legal name) with their wikicities user name. This should be done on your user page at

There are four "notes" in the outline (below). Remove them from your title page when you are ready to submit (save) your title page.

______copy the text below and paste it into the blank edit window of your peer review article________

This is a [[Peer Review|peer review]] critque of an article that has not been submitted to a wiki journal.
==Title of the reviewed target article==
[[Title]]<--note: insert the title for the article being reviewed<BR>

{{Minor Edits Allowed}} note- remove this line if you do not want [[Minor edits]]

==Title section for this Peer Review Article==
'''[[Leave me alone list]]''': -empty- note- remove this line if you do not want [[Minor edits]]<BR>
'''Date started''':<BR>
'''Estimated completion date''':<BR>


[[Category:First Author - Short Title]]<--note: insert the name of the category of the target article. If the article your are reviewing is contained on a single wiki page, the author of that article might not have created a category for their article. As a reviewer, you may do so. The category name for an article has the form: First Author - Short Title.

{{Peer Review Article}}

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