A wedding can't reach absolution devoid of the delightful moments captured through the lens. Conditions are ideal, ambiance and spot are idyllic. To grab the stunning moments, the photography is the only thing required to complete the entire deal! The love of photographing individuals is epitomized by crafting astonishing landscapes and counting a couple in it. For example, the thought of silhouetting a couple on the moon can come up with ideas of doing stuff that nobody has tried in the wedding industry. This is quite tough as there's astounding work done all over the world, so photographers have to think really outside the box to experiment with new things. People love the look of night-time snaps and what would be superior than the source of night-time light becoming the focal point of the snap. Of course, pulling this idea off is rather intricate but remarkable.

From an execution stance, there may be few challenges. But for a wedding photography in san diego, this is a cakewalk. First, photographer needs to know length of lens needed, around 1200-1600 mm, that determines how farther away the couple needs to stand for the perspective to be accurate. The second test is that the moon isn’t precisely staying still for photography, so it's important to determine the location of the moon on the very day, preferably day of the full moon, and it's movement in the sky in those minutes, so timing must be just precise. The next challenge is finding a spot where the couple stands, almost 500-800 yards from the photographer to shoot at an upward angle, where there are no trees or barriers in front of the couple. One has to narrow down sites that could work.

Getting the couple on board with this idea is easy, as they show just as much enthusiasm as photographers do with their efforts. The professional equipment required is ready. Photographer has to keep the bridal veil flying. The day of the amazing shoot, with all the preparation, ready with the camera and couple amid the moon and the photographer, just some clear and cloudless sky is needed. When the moon finally rises and gets to the accurate spot, the couple is directed to do what's wanted. It seems like few seconds passed before the moon, and it's done. Overall, this incredible destination wedding photography seems really worth the effort.

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