Supply chain management is one of the most integral parts of the business these days. Irrespective of the size of the brand or the number of people working in any organization, supply chain management is a must worked upon area these days. Unlike the traditional process of managing the supply chain from the manufacturers to the buyers, these days supply chain management is introduced where everything right from the manufacturing of the product, to its marketing and selling is done with the sole aim of satisfying the customers.

The basic activities that are covered under the process of Supply chain management services includes the details and the transactions related to the manufacturing of the products, purchase of the raw materials, and the entire process of dispersing the collected information such that it is utilized wisely and proper decisions are taken. Apart from the process of managing the things on an internal level in the company or a manufacturing unit, there are a lot of other people and departments as well that in spite of being external hold a very important role and place in this supply chain management service. All the third party companies and the service providers, vendors, and various types of system and service providers are also included in this process. The data that is gathered from all these sources is collectively used to get effective results by the team or the company that looks after the supply chain management services.

Looking at the various aspects attached to each other, the supply chain management is generally divided into two types- one is known as the external supply chain while the other is known as the internal supply chain. As the discussions were done above classification of factors are done in a supply chain on the basis of these two types and then proper categorization is done. The main aim behind the entire process of supply chain management is to deal with the supply and demand of products. These days there are a lot of technological tools and other similar methods that help in determining a rough demand of a particular product. Once this is done, the next thing is to ensure greater connectivity and better communication between various trading partners.

There are a lot of people who still get confused by considering the supply chain management with the process of logistics. To some extent you may think that there are a lot of common things between the two, but the list of differences too needs to be given attention. The main aim of this entire process is to simply accentuate the benefits of the customers and maintain the needed goodwill and reputation of the brand for the growth of the company.

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