So, you let your guard down? That’s okay, it happens to all of us. But you do know that it was entirely you’re fault that it happened. Even though internet security is somewhat of a misnomer, since no computer can be secure from the internet, just like no person can be safe in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. However, there is a large industry that is dedicated in using the latest technologies to safeguard your virtual goods, and also comes pretty close to keeping your computer safe from the internet. So, without any further ado, here they are.

Comodo Internet Security Pro 7 Edit

When it comes to good value for your money, Comodo Internet Security Pro 7 is a security suite which offers a strong scanning and then disposing of any malware found on your system. Apart from providing antivirus and anti malware protection the suite gives it a personal touch by introducing signature based protection with ratings against files being accessed from Comodo servers. But that’s not all, as a virtual desktop feature is also provided to the user which enables them to new applications, without having to fear of any “surprises” happening to your system. While Comodo provides no online or local backup, you can get up to 50G’s of cloud storage for a $87.12 yearly subscription.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 Edit

Webroot's practical and no-frills-attached approach uses some of the latest technologies, and is without a doubt one of the more useful products when it comes to security suites. While the security suite has proven its mettle time and again when sniffing out malware, the highlight of this software has to be its ability to provide protection for up to five devices, even if they are based on different platforms. Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2014 is available for around $104.83, and as mentioned, will get you protection for up to five devices for a full year.

AhnLab V3 Internet Security 8.0 Edit

Even though the standards for providing internet protection are now higher than ever, AhnLab V3 Internet Security 8.0 still manages to set a fairly reasonable score on the malware detection front. Even though a more thorough scanning ability is always appreciated, the internet protection suite does well for the more general purpose home users and is definitely better than having nothing at all. A one year subscription for up to three PCs will cost you $80.57.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2013 Edit

For $44.95, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security offers probably the best and most complete parental control system of them all. The Net Nanny feature of the licensed version packs quite a punch when it comes to detecting malware, which is a handy component in any security suite

Norton Internet Security 2014 Edit

But if you’re looking for a traditional security suite, with some of the essentials, such as, firewall, antivirus, anti spam, parental control and phishing protection, then at $39.98 (from Amazon) Norton Internet Security 2014 is a great choice. But if you’re looking for a little extra, as in local/online tune up and backup, then go for Norton 360 for $79.99.

Ending Note Edit

This was a list of the most feature packed internet security suites of 2014. And while it takes many components to mesh and work together to provide the most security, we’ll just have to see if these are able to cut the mustard when the time comes.

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