Beware of extra charges applied by student lettings jesmond on students. Tenants are always asked to pay more for administration and few copies of photocopied contracts. Agents charged approximately twice the fees for inventory, insurance, checking out fees and cleaning fees. The agency charge extra for credit check. The cost of student accommodation varies with different places of the country. Most landlords and agents use PPPW format that is pay person per week so that they can get weekly budget easily. Here are few tips while dealing with student letting agents.

Expenses and Fees: letting agents are more expensive and they ask additional fees on top of rent. Some letting student’s agents asked student for advance as well as security deposit. They already charge additional fees as reference fees, inventory fees and drawing up contracts. Some unethical agencies do not follow the practice code mentioned by national association of Estate Agents. It is clearly mentioned that these agencies are not supposed to charge anything to view property address information. This is illegal according to Accommodation Agency Act in 1953. But it does still happen in many cities. Letting agents have the responsibility to ensure to provide fair and correct advice to letting students.

Agencies are allowed to charge extra fees when the student signs a proper agreement. There are two types of agencies that provide such type of services. One type of this agency charges the Landlord for the service of finding tenants while other charge Tenants for finding accommodation. Some agents offer both the services before taking help for accommodation.

Students should ask how much they are going to be charged by the agents. Some student letting agencies charge extra for reconnection of utilities such as gas and electricity. Some agencies charge a fix cancellation fee if you change your mind about taking a place you have reserved before. This means that you could lose all your holding deposit. So it is a wise decision to look after details before.

We all have heard horror stories between landlord and students due to letting agents. Students should raise their voice in case the agents are trying to cheat them. Recent news is that last weekend government banned and makes strict rules for landlord for student’s lettings. These are some common facts that need to be kept in mind. Taking the help of a letting agent involves no rocket science but only some level of smartness and common sense. Once some basic steps are followed their would be no scope of falling prey to wrong agents or get cheated at any instance when looking for a student accommodation in a completely new place far from your comfort zone.

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